Fair Housing

Ending housing discrimination and enabling equal opportunity are common threads running through all of these fair housing sessions.

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Let Me Tell You About the Man Cave: The Fair Housing Act for the Modern Real Estate Agent

The Fair Housing Act might not have changed in the last decade, but real estate agents and consumers have. This course looks at recent technological developments in the real estate industry and their interplay with the Fair Housing Act as well as recent cases involving real estate professionals. 3-4 hours

Fair Housing into the Future: 50+ Years Strong

The Fair Housing Act became law in the United States in 1968. Real estate licensees have been trying to balance the requirements of the law with the needs and wills of their clients since that time. Compliance with fair housing statutes has not changed, at least in theory; but fair housing complaints don’t happen theoretically. Complaints and the careers they are capable of destroying are quite real. With his unique perspective on fair housing law and application, Travis Everette works to help real estate professionals like you avoid the complaint crosshairs while not sacrificing the intent of the law. Expect lively discussions about current marketing techniques and strategies to lawfully satisfy the needs of clients. Get this meaningful and business-changing information whether you are involved in residential sales or rentals.

Fair Housing in a Diverse World

This course covers the real life dilemmas agents find themselves in, with respect to diversity among buyers and sellers, and the requirements of Fair Housing. We will review national, state, and if applicable, local fair housing laws, as well as the changes to Article 10 in the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. We will discuss the necessity of agents providing equal access to all clients, as well as respecting the diversity of clients. 2 – 4 hours

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