Code of Ethics

Required Training doesn’t have to be Boring Training. Kick it up a notch by offering one of these sessions written to meet the NAR guidelines.

Go Forth & Sin No More: the Code of Ethics

Designed to meet the NAR Code of Ethics training requirements, this course is Ethics as only Trista can teach it. Examining how the NAR Code of Ethics intersects with state and federal law, this course provides a new perspective on the Code and risk management in the practice of real estate. Providing adequate time for class participation and discussion this course asks “what would you do?” and applies the answers to current case studies and examples. 3-4 hours

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics: The Golden Rule of Real Estate

Since 1913 when members first began to pledge to honor the best interests of their clients above their own, REALTORS® have held themselves to a higher standard. Through dozens of revisions, additions, and rewrites, the Code has evolved with the industry itself. Still shining through is the basic promise that REALTORS® have been making for more than 100 years: Be professional, Be honest, Be knowledgeable. You will take an entertaining and engaging tour through the current REALTOR® Code of Ethics and come away with a greater appreciation for our industry and for the trust placed in REALTORS®.

Social Media Ethics Smackdown

Social media is here to stay, and real estate professionals need to master the best ways to use these platforms to represent their client’s best interests without violating the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. We’ll discuss all the applicable Standards of Practice for social media marketing and how we can raise the bar of professionalism TOGETHER. 3-4 hours

Navigating Cooperation with Competition

The real estate business is uniquely cooperative and competitive. To succeed in real estate, agents need to know how to cooperate, compromise and – above all – remain professional. Agents owe duties to their clients, customers, and to all consumers. We will review the NAR Code of Ethics and the requirements for presentation of offers, disclosures and notices to consumers and other agents. Broker Version Available. 1-3 hours

Ethical Behavior in a Wired World

WATCH A REVIEWMost agents today are involved in social media. They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn; they are tweeting and blogging—but are they doing it in an ethical manner? Social media is a great way to market . . . and a great way to destroy your reputation. Ethical Behavior in a Wired World explains to agents how to use social media in a professional and ethical way. 3-4 hours

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