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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Working with Appraisers - Melanie McLane

What should you do (or not do) as an agent when working with an appraiser? What is the appraiser doing and why? The relationship between appraisers and agents should be professional and one of mutual respect. Good appraisers value input and information from agents; good agents understand that appraisers have a framework they must work within to produce “credible results.” In this fast-paced class, we talk about the issues surrounding appraisers, agents and the resulting friction on both sides: both the “deal-killers” and “trying to influence me” situations. 1.5 – 3 hrs

10 Minute Marketing Plan - Paula Monthofer

If it’s ten minutes, why does it take at least an hour? Marketing. At the end of our inter-active discussions on the wide buffet of marketing tactics (and channels from which to employ them), learners will be presented with a one page marketing plan to complete. 1 hr

10 Things to Know About Working with Real Estate Investors - Marc Cunningham

VIDEO PROMO Real estate investing is no longer just for the rich. Both millennials and baby boomers are moving away from stock market investing and into real estate investing.  This session will educate agents on how to confidently work with investor clients by understanding:

  • Transactional differences between owner occupied and investment real estate deals
  • How to speak the language of “investor”
  • What your investor clients need to know about risk
  • How to analyze and compare investment deals
  • The differences between commercial and residential investments
  • What to look for during inspections
  • The pros and cons of buying occupied vs vacant investment property
  • The differences between single-family vs multi-family investing
  • Financing basics for investment property
  • How to accurately calculate the rental rate of a property

11 Ways to Lose Your License - Trista Curzydlo

While a creative agent can find more than 11 ways to get in serious trouble, this course looks at the most frequent violations of the law regulating the real estate industry. A few of the topics include: avoiding the unauthorized practice of law when guiding a client through a complicated transaction, identifying risk management techniques to decrease potential conflicts of interest and a review of how social media and changing markets are changing the way licensees practice. This course requires extensive state customization.

2 Critical Rooms: Feng Shui for the Kitchen & Bedroom - Steve Kodad

In Feng Shui, 2 rooms have the most influence in how a home shows and how a home impacts the inhabitants' productivity and success.  When selling, even with a vacant home, the kitchen and the master bedroom dictate how a buyer really perceives the potential of a home.  The kitchen can easily be transformed, even if the home is vacant.  The master takes a little more work, if vacant.  Whether being lived in or vacant, an agent MUST make these rooms come off as special. 60 min

20 Missing Paragraphs to Guarantee Failure in Property Management - Marc Cunningham

What is the true purpose of your lease and management agreement? Using the three fundamental decision making tools of risk, profit, and ease, we will go through 10 ‘must-have’ lease agreement clauses, and 10 ‘must-have’ management agreement clauses. As a property manager your lease agreement with your tenants, and your management agreements with your owners, define every aspect of your relationship. A poorly written or incomplete agreement will lead to confusion for all parties. We will learn how to effectively implement these changes going forward as well as with your existing tenants and owners. These updates will improve the way you do business, reduce your liability, and increase your income.

20 Ways Your Cash Cow Can Graze: Increase Your Property Management Income - Marc Cunningham

Most property management companies struggle to be profitable – but that should not be the case! With proper planning you can use your property management business as a platform to create multiple streams of income. In this fun and inspiring session we discuss over 20 specific income streams proven to increase income AND learn how to easily implement them.

3 Angles to Amazing Office Growth - Jackie Leavenworth

Recruiting and retention continue to be critical to a successful brokerage. The big question is how to connect and engage with today’s “work at home” and “mobile office” agents. Discover 3 ways to make your brokerage or office indispensable to your agents and become a recruiting magnet.

3 E’s Every AE Needs: Engagement, Efficiency & Effectiveness - JMan Maneiro

How can an association executive to wear so many hats and still exceed the members’ expectations? The answer is technology. In this session, Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro shows how to boost member attendance, involvement, and awareness by communicating across different media more effectively, strategically, and intentionally. Technology can bring together systems, delegation, and outsourcing to enhance efficiency and free up executives to focus on the high-level tasks that impact their organizations. All this can be accomplished on a budget while tracking the ROI of every dollar spent. 60-180 mins

5 Simple Steps to Double Your Production™ - Chandra Hall

Real estate markets change! Successful agents know how to thrive in any market. This session takes a deep look at how agents can capitalize on opportunities in any market. You will learn the most essential business development skills you need and best practices that you can implement instantly to avoid the pitfalls and surprises of an ever-changing real estate market. Get practical, proven strategies, concepts, tools and tips that will have an immediate impact on your productivity and profitability.

5 Stage Formula to Recruiting Mastery - Jackie Leavenworth

Learn proven strategies to build consistent, repeatable systems and dialogues for each of the 5 stages necessary to meet recruiting goals. Stage 1 is to identify the target recruit. We will learn various techniques to target the agents who are congruent with your core values and who will fill the voids in your office or market. Stage 2 is the lead generation piece of the formula. Stage 5 is the hiring process. Attend this session to learn strategies to create a structured process for each stage of the process. Recruiting mastery takes heart, hard work and systems!

5 Steps to 5 Stars! Strategies, Scripts & Insider Secrets - Pam Ermen

Frustrated by requesting recommendations that never materialize? This session is for you! Spend a power hour (or two) learning the insider secrets of successful agents around the country who have amped up their business by maximizing their online reviews and recommendations. You will leave with specific strategies, scripts, and a step-by-step process that will turn your requests into reviews and your reviews into a new source of consistent business!

5 Ways to Enhance Member Engagement Using SMV - JMan Maneiro

In this session, you’ll evaluate the different social media and video platforms and determine the most effective techniques for communicating with members across all generations. We will discuss how to boost attendance at association activities, increase committee involvement and fill the seats for all educational events by using a simplified and streamlined strategy for success. 60 mins

50 Questions a Broker Should Answer Before Starting Teams! - Pam Ermen

Growth through real estate team development can be the BEST thing or the WORST thing that’s ever happened to your company’s culture. Finding win-win solutions to important questions regarding team leader qualifications, company benefits and support, appropriation of commissions and fees, and the hiring and termination process can make all the difference! Closing the barn door AFTER teams start to flourish and issues arise can put relationships with your Top Producers at risk. Create healthy boundaries NOW and create stronger, more profitable relationships for agents, brokers and owners, alike!

6 Deadly Pricing Mistakes - Jackie Leavenworth

A Video Message from Jackie This session will reveal 6 of the most common, yet devastating, mistakes made by licensees when presenting pricing information to sellers. It is easy to kill our chances of being hired just by saying, or doing, the wrong thing. It is also too costly, in time and money, for sellers and for real estate professionals, to list a house that won’t sell. Learn proven strategies and dialogues to get more listings and to get them SOLD.


  • 3 Things Leaders Must Bring Every Day Leadership–with so much information out there, why is it so hard to lead and manage people? Get 3 action items you need to start being a more effective leader immediately!
  • “YOU Inc.”: 6 Essential Elements From the veteran high achiever to the young person starting out, this session offers inspiration and clarity for running the most important venture you’ll ever know . . . YOU.
  • Video Content Marketing: A Crash Course Grow your business with this easy and cost-effective marketing platform! Get WHAT content marketing is, WHY it is so effective, and HOW you can start using it today.
  • 6 Formulas for Working with Real Estate Investors Get the confidence, knowledge, and mathematical language you need to work with even the most sophisticated real estate investor client.
  • Content Marketing for the Real Estate Professional Find out exactly WHAT content marketing is, WHY it is so effective, and HOW you can start using it today.
  • Property Management Pros & Cons Thinking of adding this steady income stream? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of offering property management alongside a real estate sales business.
  • Tenant Lease Agreements & 6 Critical Clauses When things go wrong with a tenant – everyone (including the judge) goes back to what the lease says. We will discuss the 6 most often overlooked lease clauses.
  • 6 Clauses Missing from Your Property Management Agreement The agreement between the property manager and the owner-client is the foundation of the relationship: don’t overlook including these 6 crucial clauses.
  • Service Animals & Rental Properties: What You Need to Know More tenants are bringing service animals into rentals. Find out how to handle these requests and stay in compliance with HUD requirements.
  • 6 Property Management Price Strategies If your property management business isn’t profitable, you need to focus on other services. We’ll look at strategies and income streams any property management business can offer.
  • Current, Attractive & Inviting: Website Must Haves Stale websites turn off potential clients. Discover the 6 essential elements your site must have to impress and convert visitors.


  • MBM: Messenger Bot Marketing Communicate more effectively with clients and consumers by giving them the information they want when they want it (right now) using “bot” technology.
  • Be The Bomb  This is a video course totally devoted to just the BombBomb video platform and its uses in creating marketing magic.
  • Google Sweet! Streamline your business with all Google has to offer. Folio, Hangouts, Calendar, Keep, Voice, Duo and more.
  • H-Me-TV-YouTube Television Learn what kind of content to create, how to properly title your video and write relevant descriptions, and how to optimize your SEO with metatags so you can be found as a real estate expert.
  • HYRE-Host Your Own Real Estate Show Ready for a blueprint to create your very own super engaging real estate show? We will discuss how to create, market and publish great real estate content and keep your audience engaged and following you.
  • MilleniWho? Sellers! We will discuss what Millennial Sellers are looking for in an agent to how to exceed their expectations plus how to work better with your fellow real estate agents.
  • MilleniWho? Buyers! We will discuss what Millennial Buyers are looking for in an agent and to how to exceed their expectations plus how to work better with your fellow real estate agents.
  • Tech Tools for Real Estate Real estate professionals will leave with the tech tools necessary to provide exceptional service, communicate more effectively and conduct business while on the go.
  • What App? There will be an in-depth discussion of the Top 5 Real estate apps and how to use them effectively in your business.
  • LIVE Video Success Systems Gain the edge on your competition and find out how you can position yourself as an expert in real estate by going LIVE.
  • Bookface 101 Basic and best practices of how to use Facebook for real estate.
  • SnapGram & Instachat Instagram tips and tricks including IGTV and Snapchat.
  • V.I.P. (Video Immersion Program) for Real Estate Students will overcome their fears by doing videos on different platforms with the guidance of a video expert.

GRI courses also available customized from above sessions and/or covering buyer, selling, & business planning topics.

ABR, Accredited Buyer Representative

e-PRO® Certification Program (ePRO)

SRS, Seller Representative Specialist

SRES, Senior Real Estate Specialist


  • Video: Beyond the Virtual Tour  Connect with consumers and gain the trust of potential clients. Create, edit, and upload high-quality videos in just a few simple steps!
  • Real Estate PR: See Me, Know Me, Love Me Be your own public relations advocate without spending thousands.
  • Give to Grow: Community Service and the Hyperlocal Agent Feel great about growing your business, increasing good will, and creating a legacy of helpfulness in your business.

7 Construction Facts Appraisers Wish You Knew - Melanie Mclane

Don’t miss this fast-moving session covering the facts and about construction every REALTOR should know. Rich with photographs and specific strategies regarding new and old construction, you’ll learn to how to identify key red flags affecting value and functionality. 1.5 – 3 hrs

7 Types of Sellers - Pam Ermen

Learn how to clearly define the 7 types of Sellers and their points of differentiation! We’ll discuss targeted marketing efforts designed to deliver the message that you’re the “Go To” specialist who understands their niche market better than anyone. Be intentional with your efforts and grow your business on purpose this year!

7.5 Personal Jedi Tricks to Ignite Your Business - The BOOM Team

What 7.5 things do you need to be doing to absolutely blow up your business? These Jedi life management tricks and tips will change your world and let you juggle all the balls while still enjoying life. Let’s break down the personal habits you can do to take it to the NEXT LEVEL so you have it all! 1 hour

8 Steps to Multiple Income Streams - Abhi Golhar

WATCH A TRAILER Do you have a new business idea or an opportunity which you have identified as an amazing recurring stream of revenue but just don’t know how to get traction?

Let business growth expert Abhi Golhar help you discover the 8 steps you need in order to add multiple streams of income to your current business in less than 30 days. 8 Steps to Multiple Income Streams is the result of his work as both an investor, founder, and COO of multiple startups in the real estate and healthcare industries.

Begin taking specific steps to successfully position your business to add extra zeros in sales within 1 year.

Imagine the feeling of building a business, not a job! Give yourself the certainty to secure your financial future with next-level execution and doing the deep work to identify the greatest pain points of your customers, create solutions for them, and ultimately champion them! You know Abhi from his nationally syndicated radio show on the Wall Street Business Network and from his writing for Inc., Forbes, and HuffPo. Now, get all of his insights, systems, and tactics to accelerate the launch of your idea and a roadmap of exactly how to add more income to your bottom line and build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

9 Business Essentials for Every Real Estate Professional - Marc Cunningham

By the end of this fun and fast-paced session you will gain the knowledge and confidence to

  • Turn difficult clients into fans
  • Understand and comply with fair housing rules
  • Speak the language of  the real-estate-investor and analyze real estate investor deals
  • Negotiate like a professional
  • Grow your business by 10% this year through a simple SWOT analysis.
  • Upgrade your marketing to attract new clients
  • Look into the future and see what real estate opportunities will exist 5 years from now
  • Avoid burnout and finally achieve the elusive “work-life balance”
  • Fund your future retirement through real estate investing

A New Leadership Perspective: Composing a Memorable Year - Maura Neill

Get a unique approach to leadership training with Maura and Paula. Combining their backgrounds in leadership, teaching, music, theater, and real estate has resulted in a fast-paced, fun-filled, and interactive experience with real impact. Your group will come away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader in a REALTOR® Association; heightened problem-solving skills; and measurable, trackable goals PLUS accountability to Paula and Maura over the following year with their personalized and detailed follow-up program. Topics covered include: basic aspects of leadership, relationship between staff and leadership/volunteers, fiduciary duty, problem solving, goal setting, strategic thinking for leaders, and more. Full Day Session; Co-Taught with Paula Monthofer.

A.I.M (Agents In Motion) 4 Success - Jeremias Maneiro

Unchain yourself from the office and become a mobile road warrior—an Agent In Motion! How? We’ll discuss options on going paperless, working with electronic signatures, and incorporating video into your business. Find out how to use effectively mobile devices such as the iPad to present to clients, to better communicate with them, and to give them the ability to view properties remotely. Road warriors need great apps so we’ll discuss the best apps for you to better serve your clients and maximize your productivity. 3 hours Watch the Trailer

Advertising, Social Media and the Agent - Melanie McLane

Family room? Mother-in-law suite? Can you say those things in an ad? What does the REALTOR® Code of Ethics have to say about advertising? Is a Tweet an advertisement? Advertising, Social Media and the Agent explores requirements for advertising according to HUD guidelines, which includes Fair Housing, as well as Article 12 in the Code of Ethics. Is a Tweet an ad? What about Facebook? If you don’t know, you need to find out! May be made state specific. 2 – 4 hrs

Age in Place: Accessible Design, Smart Houses and the Agent - Melanie Mclane

Do you plan on working with Millennials, Boomers, or the generations in between? This course is for you. The aging Baby Boomer population and advancing technology is changing both new construction and existing housing. Builders, agents, and others in the industry will be challenged to find housing designed for all of life’s stages, abilities and sophistications. Smart Home amenities (such as “assistive domotics”) will help aging or disabled populations stay in their homes while also enticing Millennials and others with enhanced control and comfort (86% of Millennials are willing to spend more money for already implemented Smart Home technology). Find out about these new consumer demands, accessible design features, trending technology and the value cost benefit so you’re ready for any generation. 2 – 4 hrs

Agent Before Association: Revolutionizing the Nordstrom Way - Maura Neill

The Nordstrom department store is legendary for exemplary customer service: from the earliest beginnings of Nordstrom, a sign hung that read, “If We Sell You Well, Tell Others. If Not, Tell Us.” Well known for putting customer over company, Nordstrom salespeople are empowered to always make it right for the customer. Nordstrom’s business philosophies easily translate into other industries and provide useful lessons for today’s Associations.. By viewing the agent as customer, Associations can rethink their missions and continue to prove – and improve – the value of Association membership. and help to revolutionize our industry. 60 mins

Anatomy of a House - Melanie Mclane

When you sell a house, what are you selling? Every agent should know and understand the anatomy of a house. In this class, we define and discuss the parts of the building envelope; the systems within a house and how they function; what agents should look for when listing homes and what is typically found in various types of residential construction. 2-4 hrs

Anatomy of an Appraisal - Melanie Mclane

It seems like everyone who looks at an appraisal report wants to find errors, fault or even fraud—or minimally, they just want to understand what is in the report. In this class, we examine the requirements of USPAP for preparing a report which has “credible results.” We will review what appraisers must do to abide with USPAP, what other layers of requirements are created by their clients and how to review an appraisal report to determine whether the report is “credible” or not. We will cover typical red flags, such as missing data, overuse of boilerplate, inconsistency of data and unsubstantiated adjustments. 3 – 4 hrs

Appealing to the International Homebuyer and Increasing Your Business by Being the Agent Who Understands Feng Shui and Their Preferences - Steve Kodad

The international real estate market in the United States is a billion-dollar industry.  Understanding their unique needs and offering them the ability to use Feng Shui for buying, building, or selling makes you their agent of choice.  Feng Shui is known around the world, but often under different names.  This philosophy has been used for over 3,000 years and continues to evolve.  Agents who want to tap into this lucrative source of business need to have solid working knowledge.  180 mins

Ask the Right Questions: Problem Solving and Goal Setting - Maura Neill

Our leaders have two important roles – setting/achieving goals and solving problems (let’s hope more of the former than the latter) for their leadership year. Association Executives are in a unique position to help leadership hone those skills and help them through their leadership year. We’ll explore the art of the question – how asking not only more questions, but the right questions, can improve your relationship with your leaders and your ability to see them through a successful year. Through a series of exercises and case studies, we will discuss an array of strategies for problem solving and creative approaches to goal setting which will give you more tools for success in your Leadership Toolkit. 1-2 hours

Basic Construction Refresher - Melanie Mclane

This AQB approved course is designed for real estate agents and appraisers to review fundamental construction methods, both old and new, in residential real estate. We will cover construction, from site preparation to completion. Major components of a house are identified, including building materials and mechanical systems. Further, the course reveals ‘red flags’ that are discernible to agents and appraisers when inspecting a home for a listing, sale, or valuation. Finally, the course describes how physical and functional issues in houses affect value. 7 hrs; offered in cooperation with Hondros Learning. Note: other shorter courses on construction are available.

Be the Bomb - Jeremias Maneiro

BOMBBOMB is the bomb, and this is a video course devoted to just the BombBomb video platform! We will demonstrate how you can communicate more effectively with consumers by incorporating video into your real estate business! You’ll identify the best systematic approaches to video and client relationship management in one great platform. 1-1.5 hours Watch the Trailer

BEST SELLER Team Dynamics: Building Successful Teams in Today’s Marketplace - Pam Ermen

Everything good about teams can be lost without the proper knowledge, guidance or experience. You must hire right, share core values, manage the performance of your sales people, and provide tools and training that matter! You’re going to hear a lively discussion about the 5 stages of growing a successful and profitable team, and how you can avoid the predictable pitfalls that Teams can create. Learn from someone with 25+ years in-the-trenches experience in every aspect of Teams!

Big Data and Real Estate Professionals - Melanie Mclane

Big data algorithms do predictive modeling, estimate value, detect market patterns, and more. Professionals industry-wide are using big data – from property valuation using AVMs (automated valuation model) to selling the leads generated by the listing back to the listing agent. Increasingly, computer models are using data to enhance or disrupt real estate. We’ll discuss big data’s pros and cons, issues with its use, and the agent or appraiser’s role in protecting consumers while obeying the law. 1 – 3+ hours

Block Your Way to Success: Time Blocking - Bobbi Howe

A busy market means its essential for agents to replenish listing inventory. Agents must do something to keep their marketing departments open by proactively getting more listings. This session is a game plan for conquering an agent’s day and keeping them focused on their goals, which will ultimately help serve the consumer at a higher level. Agents will be taught how to increase their productivity by running their business by design and not default. 1 Hour

Branding Development: Making Your Mark in Your Market - Ashton Gustafson

Ashton has successfully taken his grandparents family business in his market place from 9% market share to 20% market share in just 3 years as a partner in the company. See the changes his company has made along with the mindset behind building the brokerage of the future.

Branding through Core Values - Ashton Gustafson

Ashton shares how to discover your core values and align them with your branding and the legacy you want to leave in the marketplace.

Build a Better Agent in 30 Minutes or LESS! - Pam Ermen

Are you ready for a simplified, effective, BREAKTHROUGH business planning process to increase your agents’ production, focus and effectiveness while decreasing the time to make those things happen? You’ve heard of the 30 minute body power workouts? THIS is the 30 minute business power workout! Be the coach and mentor you’ve always wanted to be and put the responsibility for performance and monthly follow through where it belongs–with your Sales Force! This isn’t theory–Pam’s doing it successfully every day! Learn how you can push your sales force to new production levels, profitability, and passion. Eliminate the mediocrity production plateau!

Build Your Influencer Brand - Abhi Golhar

WATCH A TRAILER  A Complete Content Marketing Crash Course for Sales and Investment Professionals  Cold Calling. Door Knocking. Endless (and expensive) mailing lists. Lead gen that doesn’t generate real leads. There is a better way! A real, robust content marketing plan can help you create a real estate business that is constantly bringing you new leads and new clients. Clients who come to you ready to work with you, because you have already proven your expertise.

International speaker, author, and nationally syndicated radio host Abhi Golhar is a world-class expert in creating and promoting content for real estate investors and affiliated professionals. He’s here to help you create a plan that’s multi-faceted, effective, and sustainable.

Whether you love to write and design or have no idea where to start, you’ll find the insight and help you need to create a content marketing plan that works for you, your schedule, your budget, and your communication style.

Want to create even more leverage? Discover how to connect with media outlets to bring your expertise to an even wider audience. Learn to market yourself to journalists and reach out to them directly in order to be featured in local, regional, and even national publications.

No time to do it all yourself? Abhi has the solution for you, with advice on outsourcing and content management that lets you create and re-purpose content without missing a beat in running your business. Stop chasing cold leads and selling yourself. Create a multi-platform approach that draws warm leads to you and gets them excited to meet you before that first appointment. Discover what a difference you can make in generating business and raising your profile!

Building A Killer Business Plan - The BOOM Team

It’s time to create the business plan that catapults you to success! The Boom Team will break it all down then build it back up to dominate your business! 1-2 hours

Building Wealth & Scaling Your Business for Top Brokers - Abhi Golhar

Stacking the cards in your favor and understanding important investing and business building concepts is paramount for top brokers to create an impenetrable foundation of financial and business success for themselves and their agents. Most importantly, taking control of this area of one’s life means having the latitude to live life on your terms and give your time and energy to ideas and foundations you believe in.

Additionally, artificial intelligence has arrived in the real estate industry in an incredible, disruptive fashion and its arrival has many real estate brokers feeling curious, puzzled, or scared about its short and long-term impact on the industry and how to adapt.

In Abhi's custom presentation, you'll learn:

  • The wealth building pyramid and key areas to focus on to fast-track generating wealth
  • Two profitable pathways to investing in single family and multi-family real estate with asset guidance
  • How to build a sound asset protection strategy for maximum protection
  • 5 steps you can take to use artificial intelligence to take your lead gen, marketing, and relationship building to the next level and keep you front-of-mind with your clients.
  • Bonus: a step-by-step strategy that the rich deploy which can create tax-free growth for your portfolio!
  • Bonus: a free, 30-minute consultation with Abhi about business growth and operations strategy for your brokerage.
  • Bonus: a copy of Abhi's free book SENSE and Make it Rain: Real Estate Investing for Real Estate Agents

Building Wealth with Real Estate for Top Producers - Abhi Golhar

WATCH A TRAILER Did you know one in three Americans has nothing saved for retirement? I didn’t think so! Here are a few more interesting statistics about a financial future to avoid:

  • More than half of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.
  • 76% of baby boomers aren’t confident they’ve saved enough and 67% wish they would’ve started saving earlier
  • By 2033, Social Security will need to be cut by 23%.
  • A couple will spend an estimated $245,000 on healthcare during their later years
  • Only 33% of adults worldwide can correctly answer three out of four financial concepts involving risk diversification, inflation, numeracy, and compound interest. 

What does all this mean? 

Stacking the cards in your favor and understanding important investing concepts is paramount for top producers to create an impenetrable foundation of financial success. Most importantly, taking control of this area of one’s life means having the latitude to live life on your terms and give your time and energy to ideas and foundations you believe in.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The wealth building pyramid and key areas to focus on to fast-track generating wealth
  • Two profitable pathways to investing in single family and multi-family real estate with asset guidance
  • How to build a sound asset protection strategy for maximum protection.
  • A blueprint on how to turn your active income to passive income and build long-term wealth.
  • Bonus: a step-by-step strategy that the rich deploy which can create tax-free growth for your portfolio!

Get these ideas and more from Abhi (and those that have mentored him for the last 15 years)! He is an entrepreneur, investor, a 3x nationally syndicated radio personality on the Wall Street Business Network, is here to help you create a roadmap for a worry-free financial future. And he’s using the lessons he’s learned in his own startups and successful investment businesses to help you get started and get ahead.

Discover your new path to building the wealth you deserve so you can lead the lifestyle of your dreams.

“I just left the best CE class about building influencer status and branding. I could not be more thrilled with getting myself out of bed super early this morning and attending that class because it was totally worth it! Abhi Golhar, the instructor, was amazing. He was super funny and I got a cool little Boomerang with him, too!” – Bobbi Jo Astorga, Parks, Nashville, TN

BUSINESS BUILDING WORKSHOPS (45-60 min) - Paula Monthofer

  • 10 Minute Marketing Plan If it’s ten minutes, why does it take at least an hour? Marketing. At the end of our inter-active discussions on the wide buffet of marketing tactics (and channels from which to employ them), learners will be presented with a one page marketing plan to complete.
  • Brain Games Learn 4 simple mental hacks employed by Top Athletes and Fortune 500 Business Owners to achieve extremely high levels of success. Visualization, affirmation, aforemation, and the power of yet are examined through some of the famous people who swear by them.
  • The Business of People Increase your emotional intelligence to increase your wealth. People skills ARE business skills. We will discuss and then hone skill sets ranging from being approachable to being remembered–in a good way.

  • Fun Apps for Great Snaps Find out what gets shared and liked, how to use photo editing apps for business, and then apply what you’ve learned in a workshop.

  • Top Networking Hacks We know this to be true: In life, it is not what you know, it is who you know. The question becomes, how do you meet the ones you need to know? Learning these hacks through this workshop can make future networking so easy, you will start to look for more opportunities to use your new skills.

  • Video Marketing U Through a fun series of hands on video marketing challenges, you will develop video, marketing and speaking skills. Everyone will leave with video marketing products they can take and use in their businesses that day.

  • YUSP: Do you know Your Unique Selling Proposition? If not, we will set up feel good time bombs to expose your value to yourself. Why should a consumer choose you instead of one of the other 1.3 million REALTORS®? At the end of this workshop you will not only be able to define your unique value, you will be able to communicate it effectively.

Business by Design: Take Back Control - Paula Monthofer

What if you could design your happiest business and craft your client’s best experience? You CAN! In this session you’ll learn how to choose your business values, plan for who you want to work with, design how consultations will go, and prepare custom forms for your use. 1-3 hrs

Business Ethics for Business People - Jackie Leavenworth

NAR’s Code of Ethics and state Canons of Ethics are founded in good business practice. Let’s face it, without the real estate industry, all other industries would either struggle or dissolve. We are the heart of the American Dream. Through interactive case studies, students will learn business strategies and systems that will demonstrate outstanding business ethics to the world of consumer. This course goes to the heart of our industry and helps real estate licensees to better serve the overall significant purpose of real estate.

Business Planning from the Inside Out - Jackie Leavenworth

Most real estate professionals don’t have a written business plan. Of those who do, most plan backwards, making marketing their first step. Learn why marketing should actually be the last step in an effective business plan. This approach saves time and money. Get all the tools necessary to build a business plan that is predictable, sustainable and profitable. 1-3 hrs

Calculate Your Way to More Income - Melanie Mclane

This course explores ways to add value to a transaction, or to create value in another niche by assisting consumers with things such as identifying highest and best use; determining whether a proposed improvement will result in increasing or decreasing returns; evaluating whether a property should be rehabbed, remodeled, or torn down; crunching the numbers on income producing properties to determine the return; and analyzing the effect of a 1031 Exchange versus a straight sale on a property. Alternate title Consult Your Way to More Income 4 – 7 hours

Capturing Opportunities in the Expired & FSBO Markets - Jackie Leavenworth

A Video Message From Jackie Real estate professionals always want more salable listings, but most don’t see the obvious opportunity that exists in working the expired listing market and the for sale by owner market.  And, if they do see the opportunity, they choose not to work it. Understanding, systems, and strategies all contribute to the confidence necessary to capitalize on these opportunities.  We do what we do because we are best equipped to help sellers sell their homes. FAQ’s:

  • Do expired listings and For Sale by Owners offer opportunity for all agents? Yes
  • Can an agent really capture the expired and/or For Sale by Owner market? Yes
  • Is there a positive approach for expireds/FSBO’s that creates hope and respect? Yes
  • Can sellers of expired listings learn to trust again? Yes
  • Is the return on investment worthwhile? Absolutely
  • Can every agent: new, seasoned, shy or outgoing capture these markets? Yes
  • Is there a system to follow? Yes
  • Do FSBO’s really eat their young? NO!

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