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Business strategist and educator, Travis Everette (DREI) is actively involved at almost every conceivable level in the real estate field.

Business strategist and educator, Travis Everette (DREI) is actively involved at almost every conceivable level in the real estate field. Producer of the hugely popular series of YouTube lectures used by more than 150,000 licensees across the country, this award winning speaker provides relatable content with a memorable energy and insightful observations on real life solutions to every day challenges. Get ready for fun, engagement, and learning about actionable strategic tools – all with the intent of helping you get out of your own way of achieving success.

What Does Travis Bring to Your Event?

  • Travis Everette logoInsights and new perspectives on real estate models
  • 15 years of active brokerage experience
  • High level programming and customization for every event
  • Guidance for assessing and bridging the gaps between current business models and emerging industry’s needs
  • 10 years experience that engages audiences with relevant in-the-trenches content
  • Practical, street smart business strategies for new business models

KEYNOTE The New Frontier of Real Estate

The greatest disconnect in American business may be in real estate. Innovators and traditionalists are battling for the soul of the brokerage. Join Travis as he shares insightful, entertaining observations on the current state of the industry and its practitioners. You’ll examine topics such as compliance, brokerage support, and business models with frank discussions of the latest marketing techniques and industry practices: Can they coexist? Find out what practitioners MUST know to thrive. Available as a Keynote or longer Session

KEYNOTE Inspired Defiance: Why Not You? Why Not Now?

Finding your place in life isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out. How can you push back against the conventions trapping you in social and professional boundaries? For Travis, it was moving from a college athletics career to founding a real estate firm he grew to 125 agents and building his own real estate school … what will it be for you? Join Travis in examining how the “it’s always been done this way” mindset can sabotage YOUR freedoms and goal. Discover the tools you’ll need to open your potential, get out of your own way, and embrace the path you want and deserve.

Sales Basics and New Agent Training

From two hours to two days, the customization is almost unlimited. Training new agents is a passion for Travis and he knows how to switch them from “pass the test” mode into “productivity” mode.  Available topics  include:

  • Lead generation
  • Personalized marketing
  • Farming
  • Social media presence
  • Overcoming objections
  • Client interaction

Does Your Business Have Bounce? Connecting & Closing in a Changing Market

A business with “bounce” is planned, branded, and marketed with your core values and profitability in mind. In this information-packed session you will:

  • Find out what future trends are going to impact how you market and how you grow
  • Get a step-by-step roadmap to creating a solid marketing identity and strategic action plan
  • Take away top tips for maximizing your marketing design and approach in each media
  • Discover what works and what doesn’t (plus a few new tricks) in branding a market identity  1-2 hours

The Power of Personality: Business is Always Personal!

How much time do you spend agitated or confused by someone else’s actions?Whether it’s working with someone, living with them, or encountering them at an open house, there are always forces driving their actions and our responses. Discover how the right skill sets can produce great interactions–if you decode the verbal and nonverbal signals you’re getting! Been asking yourself Are you kidding me? with some situations in your life? Find out how easily those instances can be turned in your favor. Available as a Keynote or a longer Session

From Wifi to Wire Fraud…Don’t Let Tech Gains Become Client Losses

Staying connected, responding promptly, reacting efficiently … these have become the hallmarks of a tech savvy, proficient real estate professional today. No other American industry has adopted tech tools faster, but there is a dark side to electronic helpers. Vulnerabilities have reached an all-time high and real estate transactions are in the hacking community’s crosshairs. Learn how to slam the door shut on the world of thieves who may already be accessing your device and your clients’ data. 1 hour

Human Connections in a Virtual World … Putting Your Personality Into Your Social Profiles

“Life is But a Stage” is more true than ever before. We live much of our lives on display with far less separating our work and personal lives. Many real estate professionals struggle with the line blurring (or being nonexistent) while others wall themselves and their personal details off entirely. Travis will focus the group on achieving balance. Have some fun while finding the best way to put YOU into your social media without feeling as if you’ve sacrificed your personal life in the process. 1 hour

To Defer or Not to Defer . . . 1031 Exchange Mastery

Wealth building through real estate investment is a tried and true method for many Americans to construct a lasting legacy and financial stability. Licensees around the country covet solid working relationships with investors who will fill their brokerage pipelines with transactions for years to come. Investors, for their part, want agents who know the rules of the road when it comes to one of the largest pieces of the real estate puzzle: capital gains taxation. Master 1031 exchanges and you will build an entirely new line of clientele in your brokerage. Whether you have worked with one investor or 100, understanding this hot topic will generate years of returns as your clients recognize you as their resource. 1-2 hours

The Art of Relevance: Letting Go without Losing Your Grip

Time marches on . . . or so the expression goes. But for some of us, it feels as if that march is over, around, and through us. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Travis Everette bridges those who have zero experience in the real estate industry to those with 40 years in the business, showing both groups how to learn and grow from one another. Come to this session with all your worries and frustrations about being relevant to your clients and peers. If you have been selling real estate for decades and have grown weary of the changes you see daily, let’s hear it. Did you just get your license and are already tired of being labeled a know-nothing? Let’s discuss it. Both perspectives (and all the perspectives in between) bring value to our growth. This session is neither about reinventing the wheel nor abandoning it altogether. It’s about collaboration and growth.

Buyers with Power: Winning Strategies for Qualification, Inspections and Closing

Buyer representation has become a widely accepted practice nearly as widespread as seller representation in the United States. In spite of this, much of the approach to the real estate transaction is still centered around the seller: their needs, wants, expectations. In this dynamic session you’ll get a new light on buyer specific issues. What makes them tick? What makes them more attractive to sellers in multiple offers? What must a licensee know in order to protect their interests? Get these answers and more in Buyers With Power! 2-4 hours

Sell & Excel: The Path to Profitability

Profit is critical to staying in business, especially for rookies. Get what you need to know to ensure your financial success and professional status in real estate. This essential course delves into issues that affect profitability: listing and sales practices, property marketing, business planning, technology, and organizational tools. Agency, contracts, home inspection, finance, and more are also covered as you get The Basics you need to thrive! 1-3 day presentation

Buyers with Power: The Agent’s Guide to Lending & the Qualification Process

Every real estate agent has heard the expression “buyers are liars” or exhaled with exasperation as yet another potential buyer client falls through the cracks. Empowering buyers with guidance can be the difference between reaching closing table or losing a sale. This quick, hard-hitting session looks at the issues, obstacles, and opportunities buyers face when qualifying to purchase. From conventional to VA, attendees of all experience levels will take away skills to immediately use. 2-4 hours

The Tax Man Cometh! Income Tax Guidelines for the Real Estate Professional

Real estate brokerage can be one of the most rewarding professions in the United States. But many estate licensees find out far too late in their careers the best strategies for tracking expenses and income. Don’t wait until you have created a new best friend at the IRS. Get started with useful tools and pull back the veil of confusion to empower yourself today!

It’s Technical…A Real Estate Technology Reality Check

Technology is everywhere. Of course, that has always been the case–at one point, the light bulb was cutting edge! Advances may come fast and furious, but integrating them into the business of transaction management can prove frustrating and fruitless. In “It’s Technical,” you’ll walk through listing and prioritizing YOUR technical needs. Travis will challenge you to ask the difficult questions about what you really need to solve problems and complete tasks–and then guide you through the solutions that fit you best. You’ll walk out with a roadmap toward managing and improving the technology for your business.

From 1 to 120: Bridging Growth for Brokers

There’s one constant for those attempting to move a real estate business from a one-person operation to a group: there is no manual. Most brokers and managers tackling this important transition end up frustrated, failing, wasting money, squandering time, or all the above. And the move from a salesperson to the management side of a real estate career presents challenges as well. Come benefit from the knowledge Travis Everette gained in growing from a one-person business to a firm of over 120 producing agents. Get the necessary tools for piecing together the perfect mix of personality, production, and oversight!

The Online Disconnect: Building Impactful Relationships with Members in a Modern Landscape

Every facet of our society is gravitating toward more layers of interconnectivity. However, it appears the more avenues we have to interact, the less meaningful those encounters have become. The most important currency of any REALTOR® Association is the relationship with its members. The foundation of a thriving, active, and happy membership base remains steadfastly rooted in licensees who truly feel connected to their industry and their Association. Personal connection may change in form or function, but not in importance

The REALTOR® Code of Ethics: The Golden Rule of Real Estate

Since 1913 when members first began to pledge to honor the best interests of their clients above their own, REALTORS® have held themselves to a higher standard. Through dozens of revisions, additions, and rewrites, the Code has evolved with the industry itself. Still shining through is the basic promise that REALTORS® have been making for more than 100 years: Be professional, Be honest, Be knowledgeable. You will take an entertaining and engaging tour through the current REALTOR® Code of Ethics and come away with a greater appreciation for our industry and for the trust placed in REALTORS®.

Fair Housing into the Future: 50+ Years Strong

The Fair Housing Act became law in the United States in 1968. Real estate licensees have been trying to balance the requirements of the law with the needs and wills of their clients since that time. Compliance with fair housing statutes has not changed, at least in theory; but fair housing complaints don’t happen theoretically. Complaints and the careers they are capable of destroying are quite real. With his unique perspective on fair housing law and application, Travis Everette works to help real estate professionals like you avoid the complaint crosshairs while not sacrificing the intent of the law. Expect lively discussions about current marketing techniques and strategies to lawfully satisfy the needs of clients. Get this meaningful and business-changing information whether you are involved in residential sales or rentals.

Contracts for the Win: Negotiation and Contract Tools for Success

Ever heard “Well, the contract says . . .” and wanted to scream?  We’ve all been there. Despite the undisputed importance of contracts, many licensees don’t understand some of the basic concepts—much less how to best utilize them. In “Contracts for the Win,” you will:

  • Gain clarity regarding “offer and acceptance”
  • Learn how to avoid the practice of law
  • Discover ways of framing offers to increase chances of acceptance
  • Maximize your ability to negotiate items such as repairs after contract
  • Learn to diminish disputes so closing can happen

Wow your clients and your cooperating brokers with negotiating skills and contractual insights that smooth the transaction and hand your client the win.

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Travis, you are a GODSEND!!!! I would NOT be understanding all of this without you. I am working along non-stop the past month with the tools you gave us. You’ve totally taken (almost all of) the TERROR out of this business #NoReallyGodBlessYou!

Angie Melecio, Raleigh, NC

Just letting you know our members absolutely love Travis. He received excellent reviews for the supervising broker course. I will be sure to let all the other Montana CEOs know.

Terry Thompson, CEO
Great Falls Association of REALTORS®

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